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We have lived our childhood in the Argentinean Pampas. We have breathed the mornings' fresh air and contemplated the sunset in those eternal plains. We know the hard work to make crops grow and the people that make it happen.

The land and its fruits are our natural domain and our passion. And we want to help others come and develop sustainable businesses to achieve positive results for their investments, for the people in the communities where they act and for the nature that surrounds them.

Roberto Viton

Founder and Partner

In his international career, Founder and Partner Roberto Viton has gained an in-depth knowledge of the agriculture and natural resources business. He has developed a mix of strategic thinking, problem-solving and communications skills and a strong network of industry contacts and resources.

His international experience, skill set and business networks forge the foundation for his work at Valoral.

Besides developing a broad international career in other industries, Roberto has kept an eye on agribusiness for the last 10 years, co-managing farming operations and advising investors in new ventures in South America. In 2010 he founded Valoral to help clients develop successful investments in the South American agribusiness sector by bringing a value based approach with a balanced regional perspective to their investment objectives.

Roberto started his career at McKinsey & Co. There, and in subsequent employments got his analytical skills on market research and strategy. As he evolved professionally, his focus changed to industrial marketing and business development, having forged a strong foundation of business experience and skills.

Roberto holds a BA in Economics from Universidad de San Andres and a Masters in Finance from Universidad CEMA both in Buenos Aires, Argentina.