Our Work

How we do it

Every day we look to build long term relationships with customers and become their strategic partners. Thus at the beginning of every assignment, we carefully listen to our customers to fully understand their investment goals and their motivations. We move forward together with a common target.

Through our experience in agribusiness, we believe that developing a thorough understanding of the business value drivers and risks is an essential process to develop successful investments in this industry.

To achieve this, we start by developing a close understanding of the industry context and the main trends that will shape the future. Then we look at the investment objectives and define and align all the relevant components into a formal investment plan.

With a clear market understanding and an explicit investment plan agreed, we apply all along the investment cycle a rigorous approach which focuses on value drivers and business risks, linking them to the investment objectives.

This ensures that at every stage of the investment cycle there is consistency between the investment objectives and the value pursued, while keeping control of the relevant business risks.

We combine this approach with our regional insight, having also a network of specialists to bring the required expertise.